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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Life is like a box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates..
You would desire for Ferrero Roche..
But you end up buying a box of Cadbury's..
And in that, there's an assortment of sweet chocolate and bitter dark chocolates..
Now I guess that's life. It's never going to stay sweet like the Ferrero Roche that you wanted. Its always going to be like that box of Cadbury's, shelling out sweet experiences to savour and some dark bitter ones to teach you to appreciate the sweet ones more. I don't know if you fall in the sweet or bitter ones, honestly maybe its just too early to say. But if you're reading this, then know that to me, you're always the sweet one, although you're, from me, much away. I gave you a box of Ferrero Roche, because I want to sweeten up your life, as much or maybe more than the way you do mine. But I guess fate has its own play, what I want, might never be mine. That doesn't stop me from hoping, though right now I'm just sincerely coping, with the idea that at the end of some day, you and I will be together, just fine.
Deeban R.


  1. Should continue blogging dude. Good read

  2. Should continue blogging dude. Good read